Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice June 21st at 7.57am PST and 3.33pm UK time, when the Sun enters Cancer.

Solstices are a time when the veil between us and the higher dimensions are at their thinnest, allowing us to download energies more easily. Having that access, we can manifest more readily our higher purpose, goals and desires. We may have less sleep but our meditation is likely to be deeper.

Right now there is a fork in the road – one road holds heavy energy, full of routines we know and we may feel safe in – that road is collapsing as the old 3D paradigm fades and crumbles. Don’t allow insecurity to make you hold on to the old ways, old mentalities, wake up to the dimensional shift. You may otherwise be pushed into shift…….

Instead follow the other road, focus on what we want to manifest, joy, fulfilment, creativity, abundance. Collectively and individually we can bring this through.

The Earth Energy ‘Rose Line’ along with all ley lines, will be strengthened by 20%, encouraging access to the Mother Energy, and Divine Feminine, available to all. Find sacred space to receive transmissions and feel the nurturing and creative energy rise up for all our projects.

Use Amethysts at this time, all crystals are getting an upgrade, and many many people are working to upgrade their energy, so this level of divinity and multi – dimensionality is allowing more of us to awaken now. Initiate this Stargate Ascension for yourself, accelerate the timeline, balance the struggle within, this Solstice point is an energetic elevator.

Look out for the genuine crop circles , they offer a DNA activation right now.

Summer Solstice Bath Ritual for a summer solstice bathing experience why not try adding 6-8 drops of Palo Santo essential oil with Epsom salts to your evening bath? Palo Santo bark is traditionally burned in South America to help clear negative energies, and this lemony oil offers a restorative aroma when inhaled. Other Summer oils include lemongrass, lemon, orange and lime.

For the Solstice Evening, If you are minded to light a fire, or a candle, to focus your meditation, here’s a Solstice Prayer to support you :

Greeting To The Summer Solstice

Glory to the Day – Star, hail !

Lifter of the Light, Burnisher of the Sky.

Gifts of Love to Earth are bringing

Summers shimmer, dew’s delight.

Dancing to the heart within us,

Open our souls to bliss,

Courage vanquish every shadow,

Greet Midsummer with a kiss.

Blessings x


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